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Visual Meta’s first Hackathon took place from January 21st – January 25th with 11 amazing projects hacked and 3 great winner teams.

“Hey, this was really cool! Do you think we could stay over night next time?”

“It is sad that we have to leave the Playground now… Goodbye Playground!”

“The teamwork was great!”

“ Will we do this again?

Those were the voices one could hear after the award ceremony of Visual Meta’s first Hackathon. But let’s start the story from the beginning…

We were all enthousiastic when the idea came up to organize a Hackathon at Visual Meta. After a short pitch of the concept for the event, the managers were really excited about our first trial and we all couldn’t wait for the event to start. We decided for the 21st of January to start and for the 25th to end, so that the participants had the possibility to work on their projects on the weekend if they wanted to do so.

32 Developers, Sysadmins and Designers participated and after the pitches on the first day, 11 great ideas were started to be realized. All Hackathon teams moved their pc’s to our big “Playground” in order to sit together and enjoy the nice atmosphere. Visual Meta provided lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks to allow the participants to stay focused while working on their projects.

On Friday late afternoon we realized that actually most of the teams wanted to come in on the weekend to continue working on their projects, amazing!

On Monday finally the Hackathon award ceremony took place: the 11 prototypes were presented in front of all Hackathon participants as well as our jury including Robert Maier, Johannes Schaback, Johannes Kotte and Giuseppe Gentile.

It was really hard for our jury to decide on the first three winner teams, but they came to a decision: the third winner team realized an image based search App for Android which compares a picture of your choice with all products in our database. The second winner team developed a tool using Spotfire with which Visual Meta can access to more geographical information about our end users, based on the IP address. Our winner team created a shopping assistant named Lara. With her help, users can find products on ShopAlike by talking to their computer or app instead of typing it into their device.

And these are only our three winner teams!

We at Visual Meta are so proud of all teams and all ideas that we decided to consider them all for further implementation on our website. We can therefore say that our first hackathon has been an amazing experience and that many others will follow!

Some impressions of the Hackathon

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