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In their tech podcast „Black Box: Tech“, Visual Meta’s CTO Johannes Schaback and’s founder Joel Kaczmarek talk about tech topics to make these easier to understand for (non technical) and remove their „black box“ character.

This is what the tech podcast is about

Software and IT are everywhere and not only critical for tech companies, but basically present in every kind of business. At the same time software and IT are often seen as a hard to understand black box for decision makers. Considering the variety of topics and its complexity this is hardly surprising. In order to tackle this issue and to finally make these topics understandable for non technical people, Johannes and Joel regularly discuss IT topics and trends in their pod cast. On a regular basis they are visited and supported by popular, competent actors in the tech world to make these topics easy to understand and bring real world examples. The pod casts, which are in German, can be found here:

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Johannes Schaback founded Visual Meta GmbH with Robert M. Maier in January 2009. The CTO graduated as a Computer Scientist at the Technical University of Berlin in 2007.

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