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The Event

Microsoft invited for the second time to the Bing Day on 28th of April, 2016 in Berlin. It took place in the Microsoft Office in Berlin Mitte. Visual Meta was represented by Tuyen Ly, Marcel Richter (both from the Marketing Department) and me (from the Engineering Department).

Although the focus of the talks was mainly on marketing topics, it was a very helpful insight for me as a backend developer in the marketing perspectives.

The topics were mostly about Windows 10 and its digital assistant Cortana. This may sound a bit strange for an event called “bing day” but on a closer look, it’s very tied together, I will explain this in the upcoming sections.

Why Bing Ads?

From the technical perspective, you should only ask the question “Why not?”.

Bing Ads has the same architecture as Google AdWords, the API calls are very similar. Recently, Bing Ads got even more developer-friendly, as the Java-SDK for Bing Ads is available in the Maven central repository, so you don’t have to generate Stubs out of a WSDL definition anymore. The classes provided in the new library reflect the API usage even better and make it therefor easier to access and manipulate certain data like keywords, AdGroups, etc.

In conclusion this means, having knowledge of the Google Adwords architecture, immediately gives you all needed knowledge for the Bing Ads architecture – so you don’t have to maintain two completely different systems. If you use or plan to use an own keyword bidding, the logic can easily be used for both marketing channels. From a marketing perspective, the answer is a bit more difficult. To easily start working with Bing Ads, they provide tools to import your existing Google AdWords account structure into a new Bing Ads account. Another positive side of Bing is that the costs for a certain keyword are usually much lower than for the same keyword in AdWords. The drawback is of course, that you reach way less customers. Both observations can be easily explained by the search market share of Bing, which is at around 13% while the global market leader Google has a share of around 71% (taken from here). Cortana uses only the Bing search (what a surprise), and with its very deep integration in the OS, it’s almost omnipresent for a Windows 10 user. Additionally, the new Browser “Edge” doesn’t allow programmatically changes of the default search engine. Consider now, Bing is set as default and the majority of users don’t change the default search, Bing can expect an increase in market share.

Comparison to AdWords

Bing Ads did and is still doing a very well job in implementing all features you already know from Google AdWords. As developer, I haven’t missed any feature recently which AdWords provides. However, if you go very deep in customization and want to adjust all possible parameters, I could imagine, that AdWords has still some advantages compared to Bing for a developer as well as for a marketing manager. The deep integration with a digital assistant (Cortana) can be an advantage for Bing. But from a marketing perspective, you have to adjust your keywords accordingly. This is due to observations, that a normal text search contains usually 2-3 keywords, while a speech search in Cortana contains 4-5 keywords. Bing Ads already has some features which are missing in Google AdWords. For example, you can do bid adjustments on device level a bit more granular than in Adwords. Adwords only allows to set a bid for desktop and tablet devices and a modifier for mobile devices. Bing offers the possibility to set a bid for desktop devices and a modifier for both, tablet and mobile independently. Bing recently released a new feature to provide the possibility of image extensions for ads. This feature is still missing in AdWords. It can be a good enrichment for your ads to have some meaningful pictures shown.


The Bing Day 2016 was a very nice and interesting event. The talks were interesting and the opportunity to discuss certain topics with people from Microsoft as well as other advertisers was very helpful. We are definitely looking forward to the next event to learn even more about Bing Ads.
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