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Visual Meta response to Zero-Day Log4j vulnerability

December 16, 2021
Visual-Meta and its internal developer team became aware of a potential security incident on Friday, December 10th, which had a global impact across many software services and providers. A zero-day vulnerability to a widely used Apache component called log4j was announced.  This vulnerability is

Is it worth organizing a Hackathon?

December 16, 2019
The world is getting busier and busier. In order to stop the flow of our everyday life and think about how we can do things better, we need to first acknowledge our need of acquiring new skills and techniques to do things more efficiently. In the middle of a busy OKR season and in the approaching

Introduction to UX and UI Methods

May 29, 2019
What is UX and UI ? For many people, the words UX and UI mean ‘something related to design’. This is correct, but the terms UX and UI also represent something much bigger than just design. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) go hand in hand when we refer to product design

Visual Meta @ AWS Summit

March 19, 2019
Amazon recently hosted the AWS Summit Berlin, around 8000 people participated. Amazon showed off the latest additions to their services, backed by talks suited for a wide audience, from beginners to experts. Additionally quite some companies showcase how they apply AWS in their production systems,

Redesigning our monitoring system using Kafka, InfluxDB, and Grafana

December 7, 2018
At Visual Meta, the great need to monitor our applications in real time was recognized quite early. However, as these things often go in a rapidly growing company, the initial version of our monitoring system was not so much designed as grown organically. It grew to be somewhat problematic down the

Product Embeddings

July 20, 2018
One of our missions here at Visual Meta is to categorize products from our partner shops as accurately as possible. With a product catalog consisting of more than 100 million items distributed across many different countries, describing the products manually is an insurmountable task. Instead we
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