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AI today & tomorrow – Keynote by Johannes Schaback

September 4, 2017
Machine Intelligence Summit, Berlin July 14th 2017  

Microservices: Tools that helped us succeed – Part 1

Juli 28, 2017
This series of articles will cover the tools and behaviours we used to extract a critical part of our backend out of a monolith and into a microservice. In the scope of our team, this was a rather large shift away from the normal company-wide procedures and presented us with several new challenges.

Agile Processes: Making your team effective

Juni 16, 2017
Agile Processes: Making your team effective! When it comes to the organization and workflow that a team uses – especially in an agile environment – there are many important questions to which you won’t find the answer in a book! You won’t be able to look up the “Perfect Agile Workflow”

Towards Conversational Commerce

April 26, 2017
Conversational Commerce Chris Messina, inventor of the Hashtag, proclaimed that “2016 will be the year of conversational commerce” . It’s now almost midway through 2017 and while we could debate whether conversational commerce has truly arrived, there is certainly no denying the meteoric rise

Word embeddings on top of unstructured data to generate insights for marketing campaigns

April 12, 2017
Text processing had always a big research and product attention and during the past years, lots of problems used this source of data to generate knowledge and reduce human effort in multiple levels of needs, like language translation, artificial text generation, clustering news and mainly for

Visual Meta’s March 2017 Hackathon

April 5, 2017
What does making shops happy and dressing your music have to do with each other? They are just two of the many innovative projects that resulted from the hackathon we held in March 2017. This Hackathon was kicked off with an overwhelming amount of interest from the Visual Meta colleagues. In the

Managing Product Feeds: Classifying Items using Word2Vec

März 21, 2017
Managing Product Feeds at Visual Meta At Visual Meta we are continuously syncing product feeds from our partners to ensure our online shopping portals are always up to date. This is a challenging task for us with over 100,000,000 items on the platform. To guarantee that products are easily

Black Box Tech Podcast

Januar 9, 2017
In their tech podcast „Black Box: Tech“, Visual Meta’s CTO Johannes Schaback and’s founder Joel Kaczmarek talk about tech topics to make these easier to understand for (non technical) and remove their „black box“ character. This is what the

“Deep Learning for Image Classification at Visual Meta” – Our “Tech Open Air” contribution 2016

August 30, 2016
In July 2016 we proudly opened our doors and hosted one of the various “Satellite Events” during the Tech Open Air 2016. The event gave an overview of what image classification means at Visual Meta and how it’s being developed from the product and technical point of view: Visual

Bing Day 2016

Mai 19, 2016
The Event Microsoft invited for the second time to the Bing Day on 28th of April, 2016 in Berlin. It took place in the Microsoft Office in Berlin Mitte. Visual Meta was represented by Tuyen Ly, Marcel Richter (both from the Marketing Department) and me (from the Engineering Department). Although

Meet us at the Tech Startup Fair

April 18, 2016
We will join the Tech Startup Fair on the 21st April 2016. The fair is run by TechStartup Jobs, a succesful job board for startups within the tech industry. This is the perfect occasion for us to meet promising tech talent to make our already great tech team even greater. The visitors will get the

Image Search – Another Winning Project at Visual Meta’s first Hackathon

April 5, 2016
Introduction The goal of our project was to have a mobile app, which would allow our users to search through Visual Meta products just by taking a picture. So as you can imagine the system was split into two steps. The first one, the client side, a mobile app in which we decided for a javascript

Hi Lara! Building a Conversational Agent For Visual Meta’s First Hackathon

März 9, 2016
Introduction As part of Visual Meta´s first Hackathon we were asked to submit our ideas, which we would then have the opportunity to pitch at the beginning of the event. Being a language technology guy, I’d pitched a hack on Automatic Summarisation technology that Cemal, one of the developers

Microservice Meetup Berlin on the 3rd of March

Februar 29, 2016
We are proud to announce that we again collaborate with the Meetup group „Microservice Meetup Berlin“ this year. The event is titled „DDD: Context is King. No Context, No Microservices“ and will take place on the 03.03.2016, from 7- 10 pm at the Visual Meta office

Visual Meta’s first Hackathon

Februar 16, 2016
Visual Meta’s first Hackathon took place from January 21st – January 25th with 11 amazing projects hacked and 3 great winner teams. “Hey, this was really cool! Do you think we could stay over night next time?” “It is sad that we have to leave the Playground now… Goodbye

Salesforce Integration and Customization

Januar 5, 2016
In the beginning of November 2015 we switched from our in-house customer relationship management software to Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is a customizable, extendable management software that claims to be easy to administer for any technically advert employee. That makes it possible for our Sales

From MySQL to Phoenix

November 26, 2015
Why Phoenix? At Visual Meta we build and maintain a platform that must be highly available. There should be no situation, when our webpage is not accessible to a user for any reason. Therefore there should be no single component that can fail and bring the whole system down. At the same time it

API Gateway: facade of the distributed systems

November 12, 2015
In the “3rd level RESTful API with Spring” post I explained how to leverage Spring in order to build an API for an component in a distributed system so other components can communicate with it. Now let’s imagine we have such a distributed system and a client which wants to perform some

Startup Safary @ Visual Meta

November 2, 2015
Visual Meta became a part of this years’ 5th edition of the Startup Safary to share insights of what we do and how we tackle challenges to be one of the best tech companies in Berlin. On Wednesday, October 28th Robert, one of our founders, draw the picture of how everything started at Visual Meta

Switching to Google Tag Manager to handle marketing pixels

Oktober 20, 2015
Managing all individual Online Marketing Pixels on our websites through a Pixel Manager like Google Tag Manager (“GTM”) has become a great solution for us. We have been using the free GTM in all of our 19 shopping portals since May 2015, and so far we have no reason to look back. In this

Moving to gitflow

Oktober 7, 2015
With a rapidly growing team and ever expanding code base we were looking to transition our repositories to something with better features than svn while also applying an easy to use branching methodology, the following briefly describes our transition from svn to git and then gitflow, the reasoning

3rd level RESTful API with Spring

Oktober 2, 2015
In a modern world of distributed systems usually it is just a matter of time when your application has to communicate with another one. This communication can be one- or bidirectional and in the latter case you have to both consume other application’s API and roll out one for your application.

Why we are using SASS

September 25, 2015
What is SASS ? SASS is CSS with superpowers. It’s a preprocessor (like LESS) which lets you use a bunch of really cool features, you have always missed while writing CSS, like variables, nesting, partials, mixins, inheritance and operators. There are two syntaxes available for Sass right now.

Staging – A Crucial Step for a Real “Live” Show

September 9, 2015
The Testing “Bobcats” were a new team assembled in Visual Meta during the second half of 2014. There was no dedicated team to take care of Testing and Release across the whole platform, hence Developers themselves were in charge of these tasks which took time away from actual Development

Why we use Hadoop at Visual Meta

August 7, 2015
When we started running our platform in Germany in 2009, things were pretty nice and cozy: It was the first country we launched. Little traffic, small number of products, small number of things actually being done with the data. We were able to run the whole platform on one single