People Corner

This is us. This is Visual Meta.

Charity Lunch at it’s best!

April 23, 2018
Again one of our awesome CHARITY LUNCHES at Visual Meta. Visual Metans cook and prepare food and sell it to colleagues during lunch break. We collected even more money than last time – let’s call it an #All-Time-High. We are so proud and so thankful to have such giving and caring

🎥 Visual Meta at the Berlin Independent Film Festival! 🎥

Februar 16, 2018
Visual Meta goes BIFF! As very cultural and art interested company, we visited the first block of short movies of the Berlin Independent Film Festival Berlin 2018. Most of the movies were pretty cool, one was – let’s say special…but it was definitely worth it and now we all share

Visual Meta Family Day!

Januar 26, 2018
As a family friendly company, we demonstrated how great it works when you combine work and private life from time to time: Visual Meta Family Day! Lots of kids, lots of families and lots of fun and entertainment! We had balloons, we had freshly made popcorn, we had a photo box and other cool stuff.

Florian Heinemann at Visual Metas Brown Bag Lunch!

Januar 15, 2018
Florian Heinemann stopped by for our Brown Bag Lunch! As one of the founders of Project A and as an absolute expert on all modern marketing related subjects, he talked about his various experience in the field of online marketing, about trends and he gave us (and now we give you) a pretty intense

Docker MeetUp

Dezember 14, 2017
We hosted a Docker Meetup here at Visual Meta. We had two workshops introducing Docker and Docker swarm for developers and we had great fun and very enthusiastic guests! Thanks for joining and we are looking forward to the next one! If you want to be part of this, check here: Jobs at

Hackathon at Visual Meta

Dezember 13, 2017
Hackathon at VM and once again we had so many amazing projects which were award-winning in the categories „Business Potential“, „Operational Benefits“ and „Tech Innovation“. Our winner teams dealt with enabling our stakeholders to get their basic data

Visual Meta Quiz Night!

Dezember 1, 2017
Our awesome Winter Quiz Edition had it all: Fun, creativity, team work and brain juice.  And it is always such a pleasure to see that colleagues care so much and make so much effort to turn something ordinary into something great. And that is exactly what Visual Meta means: We make things

Visual Meta at Idealos „Race2Raise“-Event

November 23, 2017
Idealo invited us to participate in their Charity Event „Race2Raise“ (online companies competing in playing Mario Kart) . It was a huge success, we raised a lot of money which will be donated to different awesome organizations that work with kids in Berlin – like the Neuköllner

MIRAGE at Visual Meta

Oktober 30, 2017
Here at Visual Meta we are big fans of art & culture. So we are especially proud of our very own internal exhibition project called „Mirage“ with pieces made by our lovely colleague Luca Cuozzo. We could enjoy 3 parts of thia exhibition project, which is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Movie Night at the VM Cinema!

Oktober 28, 2017
Who needs a big crowded movie theater when you have the awesome chance to join the VMCinema?! Our Movie Nights are always a blast! Pizza, Beer and Blade Runner – is there anything better? Don’t think so.

🎉 Website Anniversary Poland & Netherlands! 🎉

Oktober 23, 2017
Website Anniversary at Visual Meta! Our platforms in Poland and Netherlands turned 6 awesome and exciting years! With awesome food, drinks and even more awesome people who made this possible: Thanks a lot for your commitment and your passion,

First Brown Bag Lunch at Visual Meta!

Oktober 19, 2017
We all know how hard it can be to understand each other sometimes. Imagine you are a machine and supposed to answer human questions – as a chatbot maybe – how would you get the context? How could you answer adequately? Alexander Weidauer – Co-Founder & CEO of Rasa Technologies

Fire Safety at Visual Meta

September 20, 2017
Here at Visual Meta GmbH we do our very best to keep everyone safe – this also includes the training of new fire safety officers for our office at Alexanderplatz. A big thanks to all the participants for being so brave, fearless and committed! #PlayForTheTeam You want to be part of this

Charity Lunch at Visual Meta!

September 6, 2017
Several times a year we organize our awesome CHARITY LUNCHES – Visual Metans cook and prepare food and sell it to colleagues during lunch break. We collected over 1000 € and it will be donated to „Education in Action Cambodia“. #SeeTheBigPicture #FocusOnImpact You want to  be

1st Visual Meta Quiz Night = 120% fun

Juni 23, 2017
For the first time we hosted our very own Visual Meta Quiz Night. It was such an amazing and fun event that we will definitely do it again! How many stars do we have in our solar system? Which country is the biggest one on the African continent? Which district is the biggest one in Berlin? We even