Recruitment FAQs

1. How can I apply at Visual Meta?
Please apply only via our online application tool. Therefore, please go to the tab “Jobs” and apply there to the advertised vacancies.
2. How do I know that my application has been received?
If you applied via our online application tool, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt shortly after your application.
3. I couldn't upload my documents, what do I do now?
If you were unable to submit your documents, you can either reply to the confirmation of receipt and send your documents as an attachment (max. 10 MB), or you can send us your documents with reference to your application to
4. When will I hear from you about the next steps? When will I receive feedback on the interview?
We will try to process your application as soon as possible. However, with a high number of applicants it can take up to three weeks before we can give you initial feedback. We therefore ask for your patience.
5. Telephone interview - how do I prepare for it?
If your application has caught our interest, we will contact you to arrange an initial interview with you. The interview usually takes place via telephone and is usually conducted by a Recruiter. During the interview we would like to get an idea of your qualifications and motivation and give you the opportunity to get to know our company better and learn more about the position. To prepare yourself, please review the job ad and familiarize yourself with Shopalike/Ladenzeile. Also think about what you want to do in your future job and what you don’t want to do and what you want to earn gross per year.
6. Is there a task or a coding test to process?
We try to integrate a technical task into every process in order to get a more precise picture of your abilities. For some positions we will ask you to work something out in advance, for others you will have time to solve a problem during the main conversation. Based on the results, we will decide what the further process will look like.
7. Main interview - how do I prepare for it?
If you convinced us in the first conversation, a second conversation follows – either on site or via Google Hangouts Meet. We check in detail your professional competence and if you fit well into your future team. If you want to be prepared for the interview please read the job ad again and familiarize yourself with Shopalike/Ladenzeile. Also think about what kind of tasks you would like to do in your future job and what tasks you don’t want to do.
8. Meet your Team - what is it?
If you convince us as well during the second interview, we would like to give you and the team the opportunity to meet each other. A good atmosphere in the team is very important to us, which is why the team has a say in the selection of new colleagues. Usually the meeting should be a nice getting to know with no interview character, according to experience these meetings become more technical especially for the IT department.
9. In which language should I best apply?
We are now present in 13 different countries and our recruiters speak several but ofcourse not all languages. Therefore, always write your application in the language in which the job description is written. If you are unsure: English is always a good choice.
10. In what format and in what size should I send you the files?
Please upload your application and attachments in PDF format. Please make sure that the documents do not exceed a total size of up to 20 MB.
11. What documents do you need from me?
Curriculum vitae: Without your CV nothing works, ideally tabular, clearly arranged and filled with all relevant information. You’re not sure how to make it? Just use our template.

Cover letter: We want to make our application process as pleasant as possible. Although a cover letter is not expected with every application, it helps us a lot to get a more precise picture of you, your motivation to work for us and your qualifications. It also underlines your interest in our company.

Certificates: Similar to the cover letter, certificates are not a must, but they can also underline your application. Please send us only relevant certificates. These are, for example your highest education certificate and your job references. If you do not have a job reference from your last employer yet, references are sufficient too.

Portfolio: If you would like to apply for a creative job, for example in our marketing or design team, we would be very happy to receive a portfolio, links to social media profiles, blogs or similar. When applying for a designer position, a portfolio is a must.

12. What kind of employee events are there at Visual Meta?
Part of Visual Meta’s culture is an active social life. Where people of different colours come together, they will not only exchange ideas, they will become friends. We support this process wherever we can. We also offer the following events: summer and winter parties, country birthday parties, film evenings, quiz evenings, table football tournaments, hackathon – open to all employees, company breakfast, charity lunch, brown bag lunch, Friday beer, table tennis tournaments, etc.
13. Does Visual Meta offer sports courses?
Since you hardly get to know each other better than in sport, we spare no effort to get our employees moving. We have regular jogacourses, football and volleyball groups and take part in bigger events like the X-Letics, the B2Run or the Berlin Team Run.
14. Are there training, further education and German courses?
As a company, it is important to us to develop you professionally and sometimes to take you on new paths. To do this, we have founded the Visual Meta Academy to offer in-house training. In addition, Axel Springer, as our parent company, offers more than 130 training courses annually to work on your hard and soft skills. Additionally we also offer a German course. But to offer you something very special, we have established the Brown Bag Lunch. This special lunch is regularly attended by founders, company owners and entrepreneurs who report on their success story and view of their markets.
15. Is there an onboarding program?
So that you can perform well in your new job, we will of course show you everything you need to do so. Starting with company-wide introductory events to give you an overview of our departments and our product followed by technical trainings by your team and superivisors, we will make every effort.
16. Are there common and leisure rooms in the office?
Yes. The Playground is the heart of our office. On more than 200 sqm we learn and play. Here the joga class takes place, larger meetings and workshops are held, we meet on Fridays for a beer, play Playstation, kicker or table tennis. We also have a quiet room where you can pray, an open area for lunch and several kitchens with everything you need.
17. Are there any subsidies for lunch?
We work with a provider of digital lunch vouchers. In this way you can claim tax advantages and have more net income at the end of the month. In our kitchens you will also find fresh fruit, cereals, milk, coffee and tea twice a week.
18. What is the corporate language at Visual Meta?
We are 250 employees from about 50 nations. Therefore we have decided to communicate in English. If you are hired for a specific market, your working language is the one from the market.
19. What are the working hours and is there flextime?
We usually work 40 hours a week. But we do this in a flexible way. Our core working hours are 10-16 hours. So we start between 7 and 10 in the morning and finish between 4 and 7 pm.
20. How many days off are there and can I do home office?
You can have your onboarding remotely, work from home, and organize your day through flexible working hours. In addition to that, we have 27 vacation days in the first year and 1 additional day each year up to 30 days. You have the possibility to take up to 45 days a year using Vacation-Plus program.
21. Is there a dress code at Visual Meta?
No. Come to the interview and later also to work how you feel most comfortable.
22. In which countries is Visual Meta active?
We currently work in 13 countries: Germany, France, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands
23. Where does Visual Meta have its offices?
Despite operating in 13 countries, we only have one office, which is in Berlin directly at Alexanderplatz.
24. What services does Visual Meta offer?
Our service is Ladenzeile or Shopalike. Both are names for the same product in different countries. With our platforms we offer end customers the possibility to compare products and prices, mainly fashion but also furniture and other products. For online shops we are an affiliate marketing channel; we generate traffic on their online shops. What we don’t do: Selling products.
25. How do we make money?
Typical for an affiliate marketing channel is that we earn our money with clicks. For every customer who clicks on a product on our portals and which we forward to an online shop, we are paid by the respective shop. However, we may receive a commission on items sold as well.
25. Are the jobs on the website up to date?
Yes, all the jobs you can find on our website are up to date. As soon as they are filled or are no longer needed, we take them offline.
26. Where do we publish our open positions?
It depends on many factors. Since we do not have one platform on which we advertise everything, you will find all current positions on our careers page.
27. Can I also send an unsolicited application?
Yes, if none of our vacancies match you at the moment, you can still send us your documents. Please write a short e-mail with your job expectations, your desired salary and all other documents to
28. If I want to apply for several jobs, is one application enough?
We make every effort to consider you for all positions that you’re interested in. However, it is not possible for us to realize this technically with just one application. So you will help us a lot if you apply for each position individually.
29. Can I work for Visual Meta remote/from home?
To give you the greatest possible flexibility, you can work remotely up to two days a month. It is not possible to work completely remotely, i.e. exclusively from home or elsewhere in the world.
30. What kind of jobs does Visual Meta offer?
We offer a wide range of jobs and are looking for a correspondingly large number of different profiles. As an internet company, online marketing, IT and our quality management are among our largest areas. Online marketing can be various, for example, from creative to analytical. Our IT works Agile and is controlled by scrummasters. Besides these areas, we also have a sales department with sales and account managers, a finance department, an office team, a human resources department consisting of administration, business partners and recruiters and a business lab for which we are looking for experienced entrepreneurs. If you cannot find yourself in this short list, please send us your CV to We’ll let you know if we have a suitable position for you.
31. Does Visual Meta sponsor my visa/Blue Card?
Visual Meta does not cover the costs for your visa. However, we are guiding you through the entire process of getting your visa. Firstly, we will do the recognition process for your degree followed by booking all the appointments with the authorities. In addition to that, we help you with filling in documents in case you need help. We are telling what, when and how you have to do things. We are taking care of signing you up for the German health insurance and are happy to answer any questions that might arise in this entire process or give advice.
32. Where does Visual Meta not support me?
Visual Meta does not provide housing for newcomers. When you come to Berlin you need to find a place to live yourself. However, we are happy to give you information and advice where you may find a place to stay quickly. In addition to that, we will provide all the documents you may need from your employer in order to rent an apartment. We will have them ready for you as soon as you need them.
33. What is the visa process?
Our visa agency helps you (and your family) with the entire process for your visa and being able to live and work in Germany. You should schedule an appointemnt at the embassy in your home country for you (and your family) as soon as possible (see below). In the meantime we will provide all documents you will need for this appointment. There you will get a visa that allows you to travel to Germany and to start your job. Once you are in Germany, we will schedule all your appointments with the authorities to register you here and to apply for the Bluecard. It will take serveral weeks until you get your Bluecard but you will always be allowed to work once you come to Germany.
34. What documents does Visual Meta need for the visa process?
In order to assess if you have the possibility to get a visa, please send us a scan of your university certificates. We can’t start your application process without it. Ideally send us your certificates in English. If we should decide to work together, we need more documents, but we will ask you them separately.
35. Can I do anything to speed up the visa process?
The visa process can take several weeks depending on the country. To speed up the process, please make an appointment at the German Embassy in your country as soon as you receive an appointment for the second interview. In case we don´t make you an offer, you can easily cancel the appointment.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at

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