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Press releases

Here you’ll find our press releases of the current year as well as an archive of press releases from previous years. You can conveniently view or download all our press releases as text or in PDF format.
06.03.2016 Visual Meta GmbH grows further – in 7 years to 300 employees from 52 nations PDF Download
04.26.2016 –Ideenwettbewerb Berlin Startup Calling 2016 gestartet PDF Download
06-02-2015 Johannes Kotte is the new managing director at ShopAlike Johannes Kotte joins the founders Robert M. Maier and Johannes Schaback as the third CEO. PDF Download
04-23-2015 6 years of LadenZeileThe virtual online shopping portal with thousands of shops on one site – from a start up to profitable midsize company PDF Download, Online Version
06-26-2014 Visual Meta is expanding to Asia and South AmericaVisual Meta launches shopping portals in Brasil, Russia and India PDF Download, Online Version
01-28-2014 New corporate design for launches new brand identity and shopping portal in India PDF Download, Online Version
07-11-2013 Mobile commerce on the rise 27% of Germans shop via smartphone or app PDF Download, Online Version
01-08-2013 Visual Meta continues internationalization of LadenZeile.deVisual Meta launches shopping portals in Hungary, Czech and Slovakia PDF Download, Online Version