Application Process

Would you like to know how exactly the application process at Visual Meta works? Here you’ll find an overview of each individual step.
Step 1: Application
The path to a career at our company begins with our online application tool; feel free to also use your Xing or LinkedIn profile. Please make sure you upload all the required documents. Our job ads describe exactly what we’re looking for.
Step 2: Confirmation of receipt
You’ll automatically get a confirmation of receipt once we receive your documents. If you haven’t been sent this email, your application unfortunately didn’t reach us. Please try to apply online once again or contact our recruiting team directly at
Step 3: Shortlist
As soon as we’ve received your complete application documents, our recruiters will compile a shortlist in consultation with the specialist departments and in accordance with the corresponding vacancy profile. We normally require up to 3 weeks in order to carefully check all the documents; we therefore ask for your patience in this regard.
Step 4: First interview
If your application has got us interested, we’ll contact you to arrange a first interview with you. The interview can take place at our office, via Skype or telephone and is generally conducted by a representative of the relevant department and a recruiter, if necessary. The interview should provide us an opportunity to build up a picture of your qualifications and motivation, as well as give you the chance to learn more about our company and the advertised position.
Step 5: Second interview
If you satisfied our criteria in the first interview, a second, more in-depth interview may follow – depending on the position – either at our office or via Skype. We’ll gauge your professional competency extensively and see whether you fit in well with your future team.
Step 6: Selection
Once all the interviews have been conducted successfully, we’ll contact you with an offer and hopefully welcome you on board as a new colleague to the team! We’ll then discuss the next steps for your start in good time.
We look forward to welcoming engaged people, who are looking for an exciting challenge and would like to contribute to the success of our company.

* This process may differ regarding each individual step, as we recruit on the basis of different criteria for various departments and positions.