Social Responsibility

Sustainable business and social responsibility are the fundamental values of Visual Meta and are anchored in our central corporate philosophy of ‘integrity’. This reflects the fact that we act in an honest, open, ethical and fair manner. Our activities are based on three complementary pillars: social engagement, voluntary employee engagement and donations.

Social engagement

We consider ourselves as being an active member of society. We engage ourselves around the world in various aspects of social life, particularly in Berlin where we’re based.

Voluntary employee engagement

We hold regular charity days – an idea presented by our employees. On this day we collect money for charitable purposes, which we support financially and organisationally as a company.

Donations and financial engagement

Our donations support social associations, schools as well as scientific organisations. This way, we help shape the future of society.

Our projects

We support a multitude of projects and thereby give a part of our success back to society. The following summary serves as an example and is not exhaustive.

Celebrating Christopher Street Day

June 29, 2015
Thousands of people in Berlin celebrate Christopher Street Day (CSD) every year on a weekend between June and August. Some of our employees also regularly seize the chance to celebrate diversity, stand up for equal rights and act against discrimination. We take to the streets on our own truck that we sponsor alongside Axel Springer. Usually starting on the Kurfürstendamm in central Berlin, the truck makes its way through Tiergarten on Straße des 17. Juni until the finishing point at Brandenburger Tor, where participants get to enjoy a celebratory closing speech.   Some impressions from Christopher Street Day 2015:  

Charity Days

June 15, 2015
Employees of Visual Meta are regularly organising so-called “Charity Days” in the company. Volunteers cook and bake lunches and desserts for their fellow employees during lunch break. Food is provided in exchange for a small donation, all of which go straight to a charity or charitable organisation. Each Charity Day supports a different cause and several thousand Euros have been collected and donated in total so far. Eight different organisations and social projects have benefited from the initiative. Some examples: AMSOC, a sponsorship program for children of parents with mental health issues Serve The City, who coordinate volunteers in various areas Rote Nasen, who visit hospitals dressed up as clowns Flüchtlinge Willkommen, who support refugees in Germany Impressions from various Charity Days:  

Charitable donations

December 16, 2014
Visual Meta donates 10,000 Euros to various charities. There are countless charitable organisations that rely on donations to carry out their work. Visual Meta has been regularly donating money to national and international charities. Among them are Médecins Sans Frontières, SOS Children’s Village, the Berliner Tafel food bank, and Wikimedia which hosts the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. All four received 2,500 Euros each. By carefully selecting different charities whose scope of work includes both local and international settings, Visual Meta has been demonstrating a willingness to tackle pressing global issues as well as giving back to the community. Donating to flood victims. Torrential rains caused flooding in Germany that took on a devastating scale in June 2013. In many areas constant rain lasting for days led to floodings of the highest alarm point. Evacuations had to be performed in various cities. Tens of thousands had to leave their homes. In many regions historical flood levels were reached. Visual Meta supported those affected by the flood disaster in southern and eastern Germany with a donation of 10,000 Euros. With the help of the alliance “Deutschland hilft” the money went directly to their partners: AWO, Johanniter, ADRA and the Arche nova. The alliance provided help with evacuation, building emergency shelters, medical care, and reconstruction. Our CEO Robert M. Maier praised the fast help:

We are school sponsors

May 1, 2013
We are school sponsors in Berlin! Visual Meta has been supporting the Berlin school sponsorship initiative of the Berlin trade since March 2013 and is currently sponsoring the Fichtelgebirge primary school in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. The school sponsorship initiative brings primary schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods together with local companies and into contact with culture and professional life. As part of this initiative, Berlin companies take on long-term sponsorships for primary schools and support them with specific initiatives. In this way, lasting support for primary schools is to be established by effectively combining business and social engagement. Visual Meta is sponsoring the Fichtelgebirge primary school and offers long-term support in the following areas: new play equipment for the school’s playground developing a new logo for the school painting classrooms and much more   Managing director Robert M. Maier on the sponsorship:    

Social Day ‘Do It 4 India’

March 13, 2013
Visual Meta took part in the Berlin Salvator school’s charity day ‘Do It 4 India’ and gave six pupils a chance to look behind the scenes of an online start-up firm. Six eleventh and twelfth graders of the Catholic Salvator school in Berlin-Waidmannslust accompanied us for six hours on 13th March in order to collect donations for an Indian school for the blind. Over the course of several work sessions, we presented various areas of work, explained certain job roles, answered lots of questions about professional life and let them get to grips with a start up. Thee pupils agreed that: We presented to the six pupils the basics of product and quality management across various stations. They were also given an insight into social media and online marketing as well as editorial work. They designed their own banner, prepared category texts and observed the quality assurance at Robert M. Maier, founder and managing director of Visual Meta, discusses his company’s involvement in the Social Day: The Social Day was organised by ‘Do It 4 India’, a project that was set up by pupils and teachers at Salvator school in 2012. The pupils are collecting donations from companies in Berlin and Brandenburg to give to a school for the blind in Guwahati, India. In 2012, they managed to collect 20,000 euros in donations in this way. More information on the project ‘Do It 4 India’ can be found at

We sponsor 1. FC Wacker 1921 Lankwitz

January 15, 2013 is the club sponsor of Wacker 21 Lankwitz as well as sponsor of the club’s second youth team. The football club 1. FC Wacker 1921 Lankwitz e.V. has been sponsored by LadenZeile since spring 2013. The players of the youth teams in particular are kitted out with training equipment such as track suits and football bags, allowing them to train as well as they can. The Wacker youth division is active with 18 teams in various age classes. This also includes two all-girls’ teams. A 48-person staff of trainers and coaches takes care of a total of 303 youth players. The highly engaged parents are also an important part of their successful work. Robert M. Maier gives his reasons for supporting the club: