Our Team

The secret to our success is our team – its cultural diversity, internationality, creativity and passion. We pursue common goals, continuously develop ourselves and remain true to ourselves. More than 50 nationalities are brought together, actively contributing their ideas and thereby developing a product that’s tailored to the needs of our customers and partners. In doing so, we enjoy flat hierarchies, informal culture, a trusting and cooperative atmosphere as well as a family-friendly working environment.

What our employees are saying:

  • VM_Quotes_Alex“Our team takes care of all our network and system resources. We make sure the IT infrastructure runs smoothly and thereby support the success of our company.– Alexander, System Administration 

    VM_Quotes_Sabrina“In the CRM team, we put the users at the centre of everything we do. For us, communication is very much a two-way street.– Sabrina, Marketing

    VM_Quotes_Elisabeth“At Visual Meta, we co-create our own work environment. If you really want to make an impact, you’ll fit right in!– Philipp, Finance

  • VM_Quotes_Piyush“The feedback culture is great. We see eye to eye with our managers and their doors are almost always open.” – Piyush, Marketing
    VM_Quotes_Dominika“At Visual Meta, I feel not just like a cog in the wheel but like a respected individual. I appreciate all the opportunities for growth and learning here.” – Dominika, Quality Management
    VM_Quotes_Marco“Where there is a will, there’s always a way. By solving complex problems, me and my team not only continuously improve our portals but also our development process.” – Marco, Backend Engineering

  • VM_Quotes_Alex“I love the team spirit and the cooperation between departments. The work environment is very international, so there’s never a boring day!” – Alex, Finance
    VM_Quotes_Nassim“My colleagues and managers really make me feel at home here at Visual Meta. We all work hard, but at the end of the day we never forget to have fun.” – Nassim, Marketing
    VM_Quotes_Patricia“I like the flat hierarchy. It means that decisions can often be made quickly.” – Patricia, Quality Management

  • VM_Quotes_Falk“We emphasise the value of training and further education. This means, as product manager, I’m always able to train myself on the latest topics.” – Falk, Product Management
    VM_Quotes_Tanja“At Visual Meta I have the chance to develop myself – in the various projects as well as in the creation. From conception to implementation, I am heavily involved in all decisions.– Tanja, Design
    VM_Quotes_Tim“Quality management is a constant process that we improve on every day. We want to inspire our customers.– Tim, Quality Management

Managing Directors

Robert M. Maier & Johannes Kotte

Managing Director


    Robert M. Maier

    „We see ourselves as being a kind of shopping centre on the Internet. Our aim is to help retailers make their online shops well-known and customers find products more quickly.“

    The entrepreneur graduated in business studies at the WHU Vallendar (Otto Bisheim School of Management) in 2005. Before founding Visual Meta, he worked for a venture capital company and in investment banking at Merrill Lynch. The move to become independent was motivation for him to take the chance of accepting responsibility for both successes and mistakes. “The freedom to make decisions, creativity and perseverance gives you the opportunity to shape and substantially influence your own chances of success. This involves a healthy mixture of fun and stress.” During his studies at the WHU, Maier had already founded his first company. Although he also worked in conventional employment afterwards, he was always drawn towards becoming independent.

    Johannes Kotte

    “Our partnerships don’t stop at the click. We consider ourselves strategic partners to our merchants, helping them to reach their business goals.”


    Johannes Kotte graduated in 2008 with a degree from the prestigious Humboldt University, one of Berlin’s oldest universities. After that he joined McKinsey & Company. During his time there he was primarily responsible for advising the top management of industrial enterprises, especially in matters of strategic direction and operational improvement. At the same time he was working on his PhD. In 2015 he joined Visual Meta as Managing Director alongside Maier and Schaback. His experience uniquely complements the founders’ skill set.