Visual Meta is a market leader in creating and managing successful online shopping solutions. Founded in 2009, we can rely on the proven structures of an established company while maintaining the passion and flexibility of a start-up business. Our elaborate tools and technologies empower virtual marketplaces in 13 different countries.



Our Administration includes Finance, Human Resources and Office Management, as well as the Legal Department.
The tasks of the Finance team include: creditor and debtor management, management accounting, conducting internal and external analyses, monthly and annual financial statements.
The People team is responsible for supporting our employees and recruitment, personnel planning, the preparation of employment contracts and references, on- and off-boarding of employees, payroll as well as trainings and coachings.
Our Office Management team welcomes visitors to our office, supports customers and applicants, realizes smooth workflows in office organization, general correspondence, ordering and managing office materials as well as organizing team and company events.
Our Legal Department takes care of all legal aspects of our online shopping portals, as well as the legal affairs within the company itself. The department’s relevant subject areas cover contractual, commercial, copyright, brand, data protection and IT law.


Our department is structured in two main areas:
The shopping platform area, which deals with everything user facing: desktop site, mobile site, traffic acquisition.
The product catalogue area on the other hand is concerned with providing the underlying inventory, including product imports, classification and building of fast search indexes.
Agile software development is important to us, we not only continuously improve our platforms and tools, but also the environment and processes we work in.
Our development tech stack differs between teams, as they are generally free to choose their preferred technologies. However some technologies are used more than others, and popular choices contain Java 8 (99% of code is Java), Spring (i.e. Spring Boot), Tomcat, Spring Boot, Hadoop, HBase, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Angular, Vaadin, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Jenkins, Selenium, Git.
Our System Administration team builds and maintains our infrastructure, which include our production servers in a datacenter, but also the office infrastructure. From network switches and bare metal servers to running Docker and Kubernetes, they provide the basis which runs the platform.
Last but not least our Technical Operations team supports the application monitoring and configuration, ensuring that the platform runs smoothly for users and shops.


The Marketing department is responsible for positioning our brands, promoting our growth and successfully implementing multi-channel strategies. Our team utilizes data analyses to target new customers and key accounts. The core tasks include increasing the searchability and reach of our online shopping portals, maximizing revenue and acquiring new customers. In order to achieve these goals, our Marketing department makes use of all relevant channels, from search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO) to Facebook and display advertising as well as email marketing.

Product Management

Product Management represents the interface between our company and the individual specialist departments, the team and the user. Its responsibilities include planning, controlling and continually developing our online shopping portals, implementing market and competition analyses as well as product controlling. Creativity, strategic thinking and farsighted action are important skills in this department.

Quality Management

To ensure our customers find exactly what they’re looking for as smoothly as possible, our Quality Management team expands and optimizes our data continuously. The quality assurance and controlling of product categories for our online shopping portals form the focus of the team’s work. Alongside juggling large quantities of data, attention to detail is key here.


Our Sales department is the central point of contact for our partner shops. Alongside strategic and operational consulting as well as the long-term support and ongoing development of our existing customer base, the team is also responsible for acquiring new customers. The team’s daily duties include contract negotiations, performance analyses, continual monitoring of the market and competition, establishing new business areas and presenting our company at trade fairs.



As a leading provider of virtual shopping solutions, we work with highly reliable software applications and advanced technologies. Our team of digital experts is dedicated to developing platforms that work best both for our customers as well as for our partners.



We consider ourselves to be an active member of society. And thus, we are dedicated to contributing to various aspects of social life, particularly here in Berlin.


Charity days are part of our company culture. On these days we collect voluntary donations for charitable purposes, which we support financially and organisationally as a company.


Our donations support social associations, schools as well as scientific organisations. This way, we contribute to shaping the future of society.

We support a multitude of projects and thereby give a part of our success back to society.