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Are you looking for a supportive environment to pursue your interests? VM is the place to go! Our colleague Nina Vachalíková has recently moved from the Quality Management to the People department! “Working as the Head of QM I realised I was more a coach than a manager. I told this to my manager Tim Kruisman and he showed me a lot of support. At that time I didn’t know exactly what else I could do but I didn’t want to leave VM. Many ideas I had, even outside of my core tasks, were welcome. I took part in many AS workshops and slowly realised that what I really enjoyed was helping people grow. My team was the testing ground for a lot of my coaching ideas! Then another colleague from QM, Katarzyna Zaczkowska, said: “Look! There is an opening in the People Department, maybe that’s something for you?” And it turned out I really was the perfect match for them!”

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