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Parent working mobile with a kid

With kindergartens and schools closed, parents are facing serious challenges. Those working from home are now struggling to fulfill the combined roles of employees, parents and teachers. This is when the support of an understanding employer plays a crucial role!

Visual Meta tries to make working from home as stress-free as possible to its mommies and daddies. It has become even more flexible when it comes to working times, so many parents work outside the normal working hours. Those who find combining working from home with taking care of kids especially difficult (as the level of difficulty depends on the child’s age) can even decide if they are able to work the full number of hours a day or fewer. This understanding atmosphere is felt also in teams, where childless colleagues patiently accept the limited availability of their co-workers with kids. In the meantime, the People department has collected links to learning portals that may keep the kids engaged when their parents need to focus on something else. More “survival tips” (and some parenting joys too!) are shared by the parents themselves in a special company chat.

Whether all this helps remains to be seen over the upcoming weeks… 😉

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