Are OKRs really worth the hassle?

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How we improved Visual Meta thanks to OKRs

We’ve asked Saskia Weigand, our People Director at Visual Meta, what’s her standpoint when it comes to including OKRs in the company everyday life and culture. Check her answers below! 💡

What is the most important thing to consider if you want to implement OKRs in your company?

💬 “I think it is important to be clear about the goals of this decision and to share them transparently with all those involved. What do we want to achieve? What does this target system improve? Why is it worth establishing a new system? A transparent communication through the ups and downs of the implementation phase is critical to success.”

What was the biggest VM improvement due to OKRs?

💬 “We broke down silos, started to talk to each other cross functionally and are aiming for common goals which are important for company success.”

At the end, are OKRs really worth the hassle?

💬 “Definitely yes! Classical target systems usually do not foster collaboration and are highly inflexible since they are not adapted in short iterations to the changing requirements of the market. OKRs help the company to react in an agile way and be sustainably successful – that is why it is worth the hassle.”

Our most recent employee OKR survey confirms what our Director says: 92% of all Visual Metans that took part in the survey know the company OKRs, and 93% think they make sense, while 68% agree that the cross-departmental alignment improved the way we work across teams.

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