Everyone wants to be agile

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Agile Lean Coffee meeting at VM

It seems everyone wants to be agile nowadays. Ever since the Agile Manifesto was published in February 2001, the concept of agility has gained more and more popularity – and that not only in the field of software development, where it originated, but also in non-software environments.

We, at Visual Meta, also recognise the benefits of agile project management techniques and their advantage over the traditional waterfall management styles. Still, while in some of our departments, the agile principles seem to have been implemented and in full use, some others are still struggling with various blockers. Identifying these blockers and exchanging good ideas on how to remove them was one of the topics of our latest Agile Lean Coffee meeting.

The Agile Lean Coffee initiative came from our in-house agile coach Anca Trif, who has been running these regular meetings for a couple of weeks already. They have proved to be a great opportunity to discuss different work-related issues in an interdepartmental company and a relaxed atmosphere. And it’s not “just” talking – it’s also exchanging some useful and ready-to-use tips, like how to overcome striving for perfection for the sake of greater transparency and how to make your daily stand-ups more efficient.

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