New Year’s health and fitness resolutions

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Pictures from the team run and Xletix

How are your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions? Have you dropped them already?

We at Visual Meta have a lot of support that helps us keep them! Every week we have fresh fruits for free, yoga, pilates breaks during the day and mindfulness mornings. There is also a masseuse coming to our office every month to keep our bodies moving.

Sometimes we dedicate a whole day to health topics, like last October, when we had one day full of nutrition workshops, yoga, laughter yoga, pilates and smoothies.

On top of that we offer rental bicycles and possibilities to participate in sport events like B2Run.

And for the over-motivated who’d like to jog to work or spend part of their lunch break exercising, but still want to be welcomed by their colleagues – our office is equipped with showers.

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