10 years old: proud of successes, wise from mistakes

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LadenZeile and ShopAlike timeline

VisualMeta has turned ten this year! Founded in a backroom in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, VM has grown to be a top reference for connecting online shops and consumers in 13 European countries. Ever since the very beginning, VM has been driven by very clear guiding principles, which helped maintain its original start-up sprint even after it has grown to a company employing over 250 people! 

Here are some of the things we’ve got done over these past years:

  1. We started with one shopping portal for Germany and then have rolled out to the lucky number of 13 other European countries!          
  2. We have won the trust of more than 4100 online shops that have become our partners (and this number keeps growing!).
  3. Our shopping portals are visited by 516672 customers a day and we give visibility to 190 millions of products of 50800 brands. 
  4. And since we love hosting diversity so much – we employ people of 48 nationalities, happily coopering under one roof at our Berlin headquarters. 

But we also have a failure to confess. We’re not ashamed to do that, as in VM we’re not afraid to fail – we know how to learn from mistakes to get better in the long term. 

Still, it feels a bit awkward to admit that for the whole 2019 we’ve been so busy focusing on impact and seeing the big picture, proving our point and playing for the team, and generally working hard and enjoying life that… we forgot to celebrate our own anniversary, which was in January…       

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