Gone out to cool things down.

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LadenZeile is proud to support today’s worldwide Global Climate Strike, organised by the youth-led Fridays for Future movement. The climate crisis is an emergency. Today, people around the world are walking out of their homes and workplaces to join the hashtag#ClimateStrike actions, and demand that governments respond. LadenZeile is encouraging all staff to join the demonstration 12pm at the Brandenburg Gate, and add their voices to the demands for leaders to take action. In addition to that we will also join the WORLD CLEAN UP DAY BERLIN today to make our city cleaner (and the world a little bit better) by collecting rubbish from streets, public places and green areas. People – There is no Planet B! This is the only one we have, and we need to fight for it. hashtag#FocusOnImpacthashtag#SeeTheBiggerPicture To find an action near you, visit www.globalstrike.net

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