Charity Day 2019!

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We at Visual Meta value our environment, our nature and we are aware of our ecological footprint. Therefor we organize in-house Charity Days on a regular basis. So 3 days ago it was time again for Charity: Visual Meta people cooked for Visual Meta people and sold lunch in our Playground (Jambalaya, Chili con and sin carne, Tiramisu, honey waffles and so much more). We collected clothes which will be donated to people in need, we upcycled our internal coffee grounds to a wonderful coffee peeling and also made granola for people to take. This year’s donation will go to one of the most important species on our planet: Bees. More specificly to Wildbienenpaten ( to support the environment of wild bees in Berlin. We are very proud and very happy, a big thanks to all Visual Metans who made this happen!
#SeeTheBigPicture #FocusOnImpact

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