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Conference hall – AWS summit

Amazon recently hosted the AWS Summit Berlin, around 8000 people participated. Amazon showed off the latest additions to their services, backed by talks suited for a wide audience, from beginners to experts.

Additionally quite some companies showcase how they apply AWS in their production systems, giving great insights on the day to day operations which AWS makes possible.

And last but not least: the event featured AWS experts from Amazon, there to answer all kinds of questions.

Amazon puts a lot of effort into educating people on how to apply AWS, especially with respect to migration, achieving a “cloudy” architecture in which you actually benefit from not only via providing a better service to your customers, but by saving money at the same time.

In short: They want you to use it, and they want you to succeed. Which makes sense.

It never hurts to learn, and so we did a small field trip for two days. One of the great things for Visual Meta being in Berlin is that there are so many tech events in the city – and we like to make use of those opportunities.

Some key takeaways:

  • It’s amazing how fast AWS grows – the number of servers which they *add* per year increases every year.
  • Often, the same things can be done by multiple services, meaning you can choose the one fitting your requirements best.
  • AWS is moving more and more towards serverless, for which you are not dealing with servers or instances anymore at all, and purely pay by usage.

Article by Marco Kunze.

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