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Visual Meta became a part of this years’ 5th edition of the Startup Safary to share insights of what we do and how we tackle challenges to be one of the best tech companies in Berlin. On Wednesday, October 28th Robert, one of our founders, draw the picture of how everything started at Visual Meta from the very beginning and what our future plans are. The very interactive part was highly appreciated by the crowd and the input led to an encouraging exchange of ideas.  After the inspiring introduction, Bram (Global Head of Sales) took the stage to speak about how to structure a powerful and global sales department. He talked about what kind of people you need in a sales department and how to motivate people without a bonus system. All attendees were amazed by the session and liked the relaxing atmosphere so much that they even came to our second session on the next day. On Thursday, October 29th Johannes, the tech guy of our founders, fascinated the attendees with the tech perspective of Visual Meta. As a tech company, he presented what are the differences between the visual similarity search, keyword and tag-based search and how it works one of our platforms. Hendrik (Senior Backend Developer) picked up on the presentation of Johannes by focusing on product classification. How could you classify and filter fashion products? What kind of data from our partnershops is transferred to us?  And how do you scale it, if you deal with tens of millions of products and thousands for shops in 19 countries worldwide. Speaking of data, Tom and Joe (our Business Intelligence Analysts) finished with a great presentation our second session that night. They both talked about how to start from the scratch, if a lot of data already exists in the company, but no business intelligence reporting platform exists. How to design a data warehouse? What are the possibilities of visualizing and accessing data? And how to find the right tools that serve your needs and fulfill the requirements. The crowd was fascinated with what we do, what drives us every day and what values we believe in to create a challenging working environment. The positive feedback encourages us to continue with meetups in the near future.
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Matthias Schmeißer

 Matthias Schmeißer

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Matthias Schmeißer joined the Visual Meta team in October 2014. Matthias is our Tech Recruiter, who is responsible for IT, PM and BI positions in our company. Furthermore, he works on our employer branding in form of tech meetups, job fairs and university relations.

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