Mobile commerce on the rise 27% of Germans shop via smartphone or app

Berlin 11th of July 2013 – More Germans start to shop online via smartphone or app. As the online shopping portal reports, in June 2013 there are one and a half times as many mobile users as in early December 2012. Thus, the generated turnover by mobile surfing visitors is more relevant than ever for the entire e-commerce industry. Throughout Europe there is a high increase of people who surf and shop via smartphone or tablet. As demonstrated to the steady growth of mobile devices sold and the high increase of users, this trend is also continuing in Germany. According to Forsa and comScore, there are 31 million smartphones in German households. So in 2012 three quarters of all sold phones are smartphones. In addition, over 9 million tablet computers. The figures of the German online shopping portal show, that shopping plays a particularly important role for mobile surfers: Currently 27% of visitors come from a mobile device to search for fashion, furniture and other lifestyle products. Although two-thirds of mobile visitors surf via smartphone and only one-third via tablet, the tablet users are particularly valuable for mobile commerce. An analysis of user behavior at LadenZeile shows that the purchase probability of tablet users who shop online is up to three times higher than of users who shop via smartphone or desktop. Especially popular for shopping on the internet is the Apple tablet iPad. Only 20% of Tablet PCs run with Android. Smart phone users, however, are increasingly using Google’s operating system: More than half of online shoppers surf via Android. “In Germany, mobile commerce has become the fastest growing business for us,” said Robert M. Maier, Founder and Managing Director, about the rise. “In order to meet the high demand, we launched, in addition to our mobile websites, native apps for smartphone and tablet. We are convinced that the ecommerce increasingly becomes the mobile commerce.” Shopping lovers can find the shopping app in the Apple App Store and Google’s Playstore for smartphone and tablet. Both apps are free and offer a broad overview over more than 500 online shops as well as various intuitive filtering options. Thereby it makes it easy to find a specific product or to search through a wide range of products.     *The data is based on the analysis of the traffic sources and the usage behavior of the LadenZeile visitors from October 2012 to June 2013